1: to overthrow an established notion, such as a stereotype;

2: to serve a purpose other than the  original established one;

3: “When you subvert something,  your actions criticize the usual way of doing something.”




The concept behind Subvert lies within its meaning. The brand was established with the purpose to overturn the common perception that jewels are merely for women. For this reason, Subvert creates unisex jewellery with a bold design produced from the highest quality material. 


The pieces are Berlin designed and handmade by artisans in Bali.


At Subvert we hold high expectations for excellent designs. Therefore after a long search in Bali, we found the perfect family-owned business for our production. 

Fortunately, now we are provided with the chance to work closely together with crafts-men who use techniques that have been passed down from generations. Additionally, we are pleased to have discovered a highly skilled artisan who assists us to translate our designs visions into a physical product. Giving us the opportunity to create detailed and unique designs for you.


We set social responsibility as a priority. For this reason, we guarantee that everyone involved in the production process operates in working conditions that ensure their health. We make sure fair wages are provided preventing the exploitation of their craft.